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Who Can Join The Grecobe Network?

Grecobe Instagrammer

Public Instagram account with 5000+ followers


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Active YouTube channel with 2500+ subscribers


Grecobe Blogger

Blog reach of 5000+

How Does It Work?

Fill out the form.

If your profile is shortlisted,
you will be notified.

The team will contact you for ongoing and
future campaigns, based on the brand’s requirements.

What you need to do? (Deliverables)

You need to post honest reviews on our official website

You need to create content and publish it as
one post per product on your social media channels.

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    General FAQs

    What is Grecobe?

    Grecobe – The Green Coffee is a pure green coffee beans extract without any additives and excipients and is a sachet full of health and happiness. It is a healthy beverage and a taste paradise too. It is an ultimate antioxidant.

    How do I join the network of Grecobe influencers?

    • Sign up at link. Provide all details.
    • Once you are onboard, we will invite you to participate in campaigns, depending on the brand’s requirements.
    • Create fresh content, get it approved, and publish it on your blog/social media channels and our official Grecobe Reviews website.

    When will I get notified about new campaigns?

    As soon as a campaign gets finalized, we will reach out to you. Sometimes, the brand is particular about the influencers they wish to work with. If you haven’t been contacted for a campaign yet, don’t worry! There will be plenty of opportunities for you in the future.

    Influencer FAQs

    Can I join the network if I have less than specified followers or subscribers?

    You need a minimum of 5000 followers to be a part of our network. Work on the content you share on your social media handles, expand your follower network, and reapply.

    What if I have the required number of followers but my Instagram account is private?

    You need to have a public Instagram account to become a Grecobe Influencer. If your content is not visible to everyone, you will not be able to exercise any influence. Moreover, we’ll not be able to pitch you to brands.

    How long will it take for my posts to get approved?

    Typically, it takes 24 to 48 hours for us to review your posts.

    Do all posts need to be approved?

    It varies from campaign to campaign. Our team scrutinizes most campaigns to meet the brand’s expectations.